Rome, the Eternal City with its rich history and art, is a place that will provide unparalleled emotion on your wedding day. The city of ‘amore’ is a travel back in time filled with unique beauty.

With an artistic heritage dating back to Etruscan times, Rome is one of the world’s great art cities. Throughout history, it has played a starring role in the major upheavals of Western art and the results are there for all to see – amazing classical statues, stunning Renaissance paintings and breathtaking baroque churches. Walk around the centre and you will come across masterpieces by the greats of the artistic pantheon – sculptures by Michelangelo, paintings by Caravaggio, frescoes by Raphael, fountains by Bernini. World famous sights such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain can provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding celebration.